'Quiet Night' Tee


*Oversized tee more like Stussy/Supreme cut and feel

*Size down if you want same feel as regular tees.


I've witnessed our culture get attacked and vilified by the media, everytime we make ways to become a legitimate part of mainstream culture we are placed back underground through orchestrated tactics by the police and media. The game has now been upped, now the whole arts and culture sector is being targeted by the government.  Too many brothers and sisters work and play in this area, we now have to draw a line in the sand.  This is our protest shirt.  


Whenever we have produced protest tees in the past we have always donated the profits (last couple to BLM & NHS).  This time we are surviving with the intention of one day owning a club locally, so that we can provide a space for the grassroots of our culture to grow, creating a space that will be difficult to take away from the community.  That is our intention and hopefully this blueprint will be passed to other figureheads of the scene to look at providing spaces for the youth to come through and maintain the scene we love.  Its a few years off, but I hope the universe can conspire to make it a reality.

Quiet Night

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  • - Crewneck Jersey T-Shirt

    - 100% Ringspun Cotton / 190 gsm

    - Organic Fairtrade cotton

    - Vegan

    - Finished in carbon neutral print houses

    - Screen printed graphics

    - Printed in Tiger Bay, South Wales, UK